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Battery Life

One of the biggest questions and concerns we get, battery life. I know your phone wont last all day on a single charge. It seems like your always plugging in your device to use it.

Well here is how we think you should charge and utilize your battery cycle.

  1. Charge your device completely while you sleep. Modern phones and devices will not OVER charge while you are asleep. Instead it will charge to 100% and then go into trickle charge mode.
  2. During the day if you find yourself tethering your device to a charging cord.
    1. Is your battery bad (Get your battery checked) (We can test it free)
    2. Are you charging your device with an approved or appropriate output charger?
    3. Do you clear you active apps regularly?
  3. Reboot your device. Yes it needs to be rebooted ever so often. I personally reboot my device every two weeks.

So many experts in this industry believe the many reason for terrible battery life usually comes down to customers habits. If you charge your phone all the time just because its at 50% and you dont want it to die, well thats a bad habit.

Personally I suggest you charge your phone or device while you sleep. During the day keep an eye on the usage. Do you stay on social media or play games? That will use battery life quickly. But still let it die down to 20% or less. Obviously letting it die isnt healthy for a battery. While its charging, leave it alone, give it a break if possible.

Many kids are rough on batteries, they are on the phone all waking hours of the day and always attached to a power cord. The only way to help battery life in this situation is let the device rest. Otherwise the battery will have to be replaced prematurely.

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Keep your devices backed up. More on this subject to come.

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