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Backup your device

Every single day I get at least one customer who has lost everything because they didn’t backup.  Backups are designed for worst case scenarios.  You never need it unless something goes terribly wrong.

I can’t stress enough about the importance of keeping your stuff backed-up.  Even if your data isn’t that important to you, just backup once every 3 month or so.  If your data is important, then backup daily.

There are free and paid backup programs.  I am not going to get into a review or steering customers into any direction.  I will discuss factory backup programs and if you need more information, you can easily contact me.

All Windows PCs, Macs, iPhones and Android devices offer some form of backup.

Several easy options:

Apple has iCloud and Time Machine

Windows has OneDrive and Proprietary system

Android has Google One

Examples of backup I use:

My windows computer is backed up to OneDrive in real-time, meaning every change I make on files are instantly saved to the cloud.  I also backup the same computer to a separate hard drive daily.  

  • OneDrive is free for a small amount of date.  I do pay extra for lots of Cloud space
  • The secondary backup to hard drive is using windows backup, its free. I did have to purchase a second hard drive and install it, then setup the backup.  Not overly complicated.

My MacBook, iPad, and iPhone are backing up to iCloud and my MacBook to iCloud and Time Machine.

  • iCloud is free for a small amount of data.  I do pay for extra cloud space. Very easy to setup
  • Time machine is a priceless option. It is my secondary backup.  It’s a free program that comes with MacBook. I did have to purchase an external hard drive. Setup is easy.  Hard part is remembering to plug up the external hard drive so time machine can do its magic. 

Android… it’s been years and I haven’t done it in a while.  But I know Google One is a solid option and easy to setup.

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